Nicole Acquah

Chris Arp: The Talk


Charles Bane Jnr: Davids Engines

Debasree Banerjee: Fear

Joe Bedford: The Birdcage (A Study)

Lauren Bell

Lana Bella: Mother, Must I?

C.R. Berry: Paul

Matthew Blackwell: After The End

JL Bogenschneider: Abonimable Casebook

Jessica Bonder: Wacky Mold

Craig Burnett: Two More Stacks

Kathy Burrows: The Wolf


David Calcutt: Inferno

Valentina Cano: The Glass Orchestra

Michael Carey: Michael Winner’s Soup

Phil Charter: A Terminal Christmas

H C Child: Doppelginger

David A. Church: Nothing Left For It

A Suiter Clarke: Morning Person

Karen Clarke: Without a Care

Patricia Clarke: An Artist’s Work Is Never Done

Heather Clift: One More Chance

Jude Cook: Marianne, you’re falling

Leah Cooper: Rapping At My Chamber Door

Jennifer Conroy: Pity

Lisa Michelle Corn: The Astoria Lounge

Brian Coughlan: Malingerer

Simon John Cox: The Town of Birds and Pebbles

Ian Critchley: Mr DIY


Noel Dandes: HIM & HER

Bill Davidson: CopyKat

Probert Dean: Kids Today

Mathew Deane: Dying for an Angel

Demelza: She

Anna Dempure: A Storm To Trap

Richard Denny: IOLO

Luned DeSimon: Tinker

Curtis Dickerson: Acknowledge My Sacrifices

Gareth Dickson: Three Postcards From The Trumpocalypse

Aleksei Drakos: Between Universes

J D Duff: Playing Poker with Jesus

Max Dunbar: Step Nine

Lucy Durneen: Noli Me Tangere

Tomek Dzido


Steve Easterbrook: DAO

Judyth Emanuel: Gulley of the Dolls

Karina Evans: Building

Sarah Evans: The Failures of Love

Sian Evans

Luke Evason-Browning: The Poetry of Death


Benedetta P. Fabris: Ink Words

Rab Ferguson:
These Empty Stands

Barbara Fieschi-Jones:
Something Happened at 2AM
Panick Attack

Jack Fisher: Falling

Paul Fisher: The Kiss

Cornelius Fitz: Balls

Kate Fitzpatrick: The Cherry-and-Almond Pudding

Dyane Forde: Nor’easter


Elizabeth Gibson: Lemon Summer

Matt Gore: The Digger

Alex Grasham: Emo Girl

Mark Green: Beneath The Carmine Sky

Nicholas John Greenfield: Shores

Ben Greenhalgh: The Paint Factory

Philip Webb Gregg: Selfless Love

Jessica Gregory: A Quiet One


Lee Hamblin: Lipstick

Tim Hannigan: This Place

Amber Hart: Our Recovery

Andrew Lee Hart: Beasts

Peter Haynes: The Drowning Corporal Blake

Benjamin Hewitt

Charlie Hill: Frank’s American Dream

Juliet Hill: Property is Theft

Joel Alexander Hodge: Pieman

Rajeena Holland: Underneath The Mango Tree

Jacqueline Horrix: Yesterday Once More

George Huntington: Somnia

Peter Hurtgen: Incident at the Bottom of a Mine



Daniel Jackson: The Woman In Bed

Roger Jackson: The Booth

Marc Joan: Scales


Richard Katrovas: Dvorak’s Fifth

James Kester: Laughter

Gary Kittle: The Gag Reflex

Laurence Klavan: They Drive on the Left

Norman Klein: Bus Ride

Alice Kouzmenko: Sketching Sunsets

Edmund Krikorian: The Regime

Philip Kuan: The 999th


Michael Lawlor: Who Doesn’t Like Us

Darren Lee: Barbecue at Evil Mountain

Ryan Licata

Paul Luckhart: White Rabbit Revisited


Rowena Macdonald: Live Meat and Freedom

Anna Maconochie: Playing House

James Maddox: Morpheus

Inderjeet Mani: The Island Hereafter

Tomas Marcantonio: It’s Not A Party Until Someone’s Dead
Earth Hour

Israela Margalit: A Whorehouse in Munich

Michael Marrotti: Too Big For The Small Press
Divine Retribution

Mark Mayes: The Cure

Alex McDonald: The Surprise

Charlotte McDowell: The Chains of the SS Chronus

Fred McGavran: Bounty Hunters

Vickie McGee: Waiting For Something

Gerard McKeever: The Cotter’s Saturday Night

Corey Mesler: Any Day is a Good Day that Doesn’t Start with Killing a Rat with a Hammer

Tom Minder: At The Diner

Morad Moazami: Valiollah’s 40th


Leland Neville: The Blind Man

W J P Newnham: Bris-Vegas Magus

Hersh Dovid Nomberg: The Golden Fantasy

Steve Noyes: The Member



Jacqui Pack: Mysterious Ways

Scott Palmer: The Salesman Rings Twice

Peter Papathanasiou: From the Pilbara to Perth

Ajay Patri: What Are Friends For

Tabitha Potts: Swing Me

Lawrence Pratt: Blind Faith



Waseem Rashid: Toy Gun

Eva Rivers:
Gottle O’Gear
Spoilt for Choice

Graham Reiboe: Squalor

Gordon Robertson: Clean

Dominic Rose-Price: All The Women Too

Alex Ruczaj: Seven Facts About Water


Terry Sanville: City Hall

Joseph Sale: Soul Machina
An Eye For A Butterfly

Ashley Elizabeth Savard: The Book Tour

Jane Seaford: The Strangeness of George

Anthony Self

Elena Shalneva: The Guincho Beach
Come With Me

Sunil Sharma: With Barthes, on Boredom

M Sheldon: Call Me Mr Moogleall Me Mr Moogle

David Shonfield: Introducing Croquet and Tchaikovsky to the you of South East London

Chris Simpson: Sanding

Joshua Smith: Bad Things Happen to Good People and the Rest Get Ham Sandwiches

Kate Smith: The Parcel

Daniel Soule:
Little Man o’ War
The Switch
Mrs Webber

A. J. Stainsby: Gold Ambition

Thomas Staples: There’s Something Wrong With Samantha

Heather Stewart: Keeling Cottage

Thomas Stewart:

Rob Stuart: Some Of Us Are Looking At The Gutter


S J Talbot: Saga City

Chester Tan: The Untold Story of the Sargeant Major

Padrika Tarrant: The Hanged Dog (Dog’s Nightmare III)

Jonathan Tham: Joy

Gregory Thompson: Motions of a Vertical Kind

Jamie Thunder: A Fun Thing To Do

Kristie Turner: Old Smoke and Spilt Whisky
Mummy Are You There?



Dominic Vale: Room 6

Caspar Vega: Jailbait

Cathy Vella

Debbi Voisey: Ctrl, Alt, Delete


Odran Waldron: Transplant

Giles Ward: Larry is NOT At His Best

Steve Ward:
The Stain

Gareth Watkins: Sayonara

Hailey Wendling: Weird Sisters

Sally-Anne Wilkinson

Jesse Winter: A Commuter’s Horror Story: A Journey into the Swamps of Jersey
Wing Dance

Paul Wooldridge: Hobby