Lost Connectionsis the culmination of Johann Hari’s ideas about the origins of depression and anxiety. His search for […]

1. People are touchy about religion. My debut novel, Parade, follows Reggie Lauderdale and Elmer Mott, two cousins […]

In our bedroom, darkness welcomed silence. I would stare out of the window into the neighborhood lights emanated […]

Flight or Fright brings together 17 turbulent tales which will strike terror into those who especially have a […]

It’s an ambient scene, this world, so at ease. Giving up space to be here. Playing dead in […]

I’m not too sure what I expected with Ironopolis…but it wasn’t this, no preamble just straight in to […]

Do you like speculative fiction? How about an anthology that explores lesser talked about female centred topics including sexual […]

Come on, you know it’s true. There’s no doubting it. I am the one – the coolest kid […]

French Exit is pretty darn good – in fact I would say it’s exquisite! A fan of deWitt’s […]

It came from the South, that first breeze. Monte Verlassen slung his line once more into Lake Huron, […]