Mallum Colt Welcome, weary traveller! I hope the journey wasn’t too arduous – although there isn’t a whisper […]

Cover design from The Folio Society’s edition of Steppenwolf illustrated by Dan Hillier ©Dan Hillier 2018 The Folio Society’s […]

Being a tightrope walker is not as easy as it looks. It’s not the actual tightrope walking that’s […]

Readers who grew up in the 70’s may well remember the historic Camp David meeting – engineered by […]

Seldon put his filofax back into his briefcase and shifted awkwardly in the uncomfortable chair, before looking over […]

Short Review Tuesdays Are Just As Bad is a fascinating book, from the vibrant eye catching cover through […]

So let me get this started. I’m a huge horror fan. I read it, write it, and watch […]

The crocodile came to Otter River Community pond by nightfall, pushed from his home among the mangroves by […]

A surprisingly light enjoyable book: a collection of easy to read short stories with good variety. Dana Diehl […]

He’d never meant to chop her head off. That had never been his intent, though everybody at the […]

After a fourteen year hiatus following the mixed reception to Jurassic Park 3 – a period during which […]