STORGY was founded in 2013 by Tomek Dzido and Anthony Self as a means by which to explore the short story form and engage with readers and artists alike. An online literary short story magazine consisting of a core group of dedicated writers, STORGY aims to inspire artistic collaboration and provide opportunities for creative minds to meet.


STORGY seeks to publish and promote exceptional literary fiction whilst providing authors with the opportunity to reach a wider literary audience. We take pride in discovering new and emerging talent, whilst also celebrating the work of established writers. If you have a passion for short fiction and an urge to weld with ink, read on to discover more about STORGY and our mission.

At STORGY we search for short stories which challenge literary conventions and experiment with genre, style, form and content. We are looking for innovative fiction which examines the human condition and explores the struggle of survival. We want writing which forces the reader to face the reality in which we live, or the illusions in which we hide. We want soul, be it broken or bruised, or endless and almighty. Tell us, teach us, transform us.

We are also extremely keen to collaborate with other artists. Whether you are a painter, illustrator, photographer, or thinker, we seek creative folk with whom to explore new ways of creating short fiction. If you would like to submit artwork or discuss collaborating with us, drop us a line and introduce yourself. Our mission is to mingle. Welcome.




Tomek Dzido is a London based writer. He is the author of two novels, Anamnesis and Spit and Polish, and a short story collection Soapsuds Island. He holds an MA in Creative Writing from Kingston University and is presently working on his third novel, Mind The Gap. In 2013, his short story Ya Get Me was a semi finalist in The New Guard Literary Review Machigonne Fiction Contest. Further short stories have been published in The Alarmist and Front & Centre.

1424353_10151943236731211_869015333_nEXECUTIVE DIRECTOR, HEAD OF FILM – ANTHONY SELF

Anthony Self is a London based writer. He Co-founded STORGY with Tomek Dzido in the hope of exploring the short story format and engaging with other artists and writers. He began writing theatre scripts and one of his short plays ‘Maybe the moon didn’t want Armstrong’ was performed at Hampstead Theatre. His love for prose was bolstered when he entered a short story competition and Margaret Atwood commented that his style was Kafka-esque. He has also directed several music videos and short films, one of which, Anticipation won an award judged by British film maker Shane Meadows. He is currently writing his first novel and hopes for a publication date some time before 2065. {tonyself@storgy.com}


Ross Jeffery is a Bristol based writer and short story film director. He is a long time collaborator with Tomek and Anthony and is an avid reader of an eclectic mix of fiction. A lover of the Short Story who has written with Tomek Dzido an unreleased anthology called ‘The Bog Blog’. Ross is currently working on a Science Fiction Novel called ‘Alcon Blue’ which will appear in STORGY Magazine in the future. Ross has a Degree in Media Arts and Video Production and has been recruited into the role of Marketing & Social Media by STORGY for his expertise and success in this field. {rossjeffery@storgy.com}


Joseph Sale is a Graphic-Horror writer, editor, gamer and creative. Originally from Bournemouth he studied English with Creative Writing at the University of Birmingham.

He is a regular contributor on GameSpew. His short stories have appeared in magazines and journals such as Silver Blade, Edgar Allan Poet Journal 2#, NonBinary Review and Fiction Vortex. His story ‘Descent’ was chosen for Dark Hall Press’s Technological Horror Anthology. His first horror novel The Darkest Touch was released in April 2014, published by Dark Hall Press. He was nominated for the Sundress Award for Literary Excellence 2014. He has since authored Seven Dark Stars, Across the Bitter Sea, Orifice and The Meaning of the Dark.


Tabitha Potts grew up in East London and much of her work is inspired by this fascinating and unique city. She studied English Language and Literature at university and went on to work on TV and radio dramas and documentaries, reading, script editing, researching and producing. More recently she’s been helping UK charities grow their online presence as a digital manager and marketer. She has published four short stories (two in anthologies) and some poetry and is currently working on a novel, when she isn’t kickboxing and walking the dog. Find out more on www.tabithapotts.com.



STORGY consists of the following contributors:

Lauren Bell

Tomek Dzido

Sian Evans

Benjamin Hewitt

Ryan Licata

Anthony Self

Cathy Vella

Sally-Anne Wilkinson


Previous Contributors:

Amber Koski

Tom Dowding


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We would like to thank everyone who has taken the time to support and share the work of our contributors and guest writers.


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