The Victim: Faber Stories


Victim Stories Review: Gripping Tales Worth Reading?

Lately, we’ve been turning pages on “The Victim,” a part of the Faber Stories series, and it’s been an intriguing time sink. Those familiar with P. D. James know her knack for crafting tight narratives, and this story is no exception. It harks back to a style of storytelling you’d encounter in those captivating newspaper shorts, compact yet complete.

The narrative delivers an inverted mystery with a twist that’s both surprising and satisfying, exemplified by James’ characteristic command of suspense and humor. It’s a swift read at 23 pages, convenient for filling those moments spent in queues or as a distraction from the daily grind.

The format may be brief, and some readers might critique the length versus cost, but the quality of what’s within is undebatable. If you’re scouting for something succinct and absorbing, “The Victim” packs a punch without much commitment time-wise.

Bottom Line

For those in pursuit of a quick yet memorable literary escape, “The Victim” by P. D. James delivers.

It’s a short story with long-lasting impact, perfect for thriller enthusiasts and fans of sharp, concise storytelling.

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Overview of The Victim: Faber Stories

When exploring the realm of mystery and crime fiction, “The Victim” emerges as a compelling entry. As fans of P.D. James’ work, we were intrigued to discover how this story would unfold in the Faber Stories collection. This novella delivers a punch with its tight, engaged narrative and the brilliant prose expected of James.

With over 60 ratings averaging 4.1 stars on Amazon, readers have found this story to strike a fine balance between suspense and literary craft. The concise format of the Faber Stories edition makes it a perfect companion for an afternoon’s read, offering a satisfying snippet of James’ literary prowess without committing to a full-length novel.

The story’s strengths lie in its conciseness and ability to captivate with a brief yet complete plot, showcasing James’ skill in character development and pacing. However, some may find the brevity leaves them wanting more time to linger in the rich atmospheres James is known for crafting.

From our experience, “The Victim” stands out as a testament to the power of shorter fiction, solidifying P.D. James’ reputation as a master storyteller. It’s definitely worth picking up for readers who savor crime tales with a sharp, psychological edge.

Engaging Storytelling

In our reading adventure, we stumbled upon “The Victim,” a brief yet captivating tale penned by the esteemed P. D. James. This single-story volume, quaint in size, unfolds the mystery of a celebrity’s ex-spouse with the flair of classic detective narratives.

We were immersed from the first page, finding it reminiscent of the thrillers once eagerly anticipated in daily papers. The author’s mastery is clear, blending suspense with the occasional dash of humor, creating an atmosphere that holds you captive in a mere handful of pages.

However, it’s not all applause and encore. Some readers might balk at its brevity relative to cost, an observation worth considering for those who seek a longer diversion. Yet, for enthusiasts craving a quick burst of literary excellence and the ingenuity of P. D. James, the exchange is a fair one.

The twist—we won’t spoil that for you—is a testament to James’s expertise in crafting an unexpected turn that’s sure to surprise. Whether you’re caught in a queue or need a brief escape, this story excels as a momentary reprieve.

Compact and Portable Design

Our first impression when handling “The Victim” was its sleek, easily stowable form factor. With the convenience of the eBook format, we found ourselves seamlessly integrating this read into our daily commute. Slipping a physical book into a bag can sometimes feel cumbersome, but with this digital edition, that hassle is eliminated. That said, an essential feature we missed was the tactile pleasure of turning paper pages, which some of us still cherish. Nonetheless, the portability factor is a clear win for those trying to declutter or simply save space. “The Victim” shines as a digital story that travels with you unobtrusively—always just a few taps away on the device of your choosing, ensuring your next reading escape is as immediate as it is satisfying.

Enhanced Reading Features

Having spent some time with “The Victim” on the Kindle Scribe, we’ve found that the enhanced reading features really improve the overall experience. One enabling feature is Page Flip, which allows for easy navigation through the short but gripping narrative. The seamless transition between pages almost feels like flipping through a physical book.

With Word Wise, less common words are clarified with simple definitions, which helps in keeping the flow of reading uninterrupted—ideal for those new to P.D. James’ rich vocabulary. Although X-Ray isn’t enabled, which usually provides an insightful look into the book’s structure, the short nature of the story ensures that we keep track of all the elements easily.

Despite the dense and satisfyingly complex storytelling by James, the screen reader support and text-to-speech capabilities opened up avenues for exploring this thrilling piece even during our multitasking moments. Sticky notes feature is our little savior to jot down thoughts and queries as we read.

What truly stands out is the enhanced typesetting. The text is crisp and enhances visibility, proving quite gentle on the eyes, a blessing for those late-night reading sessions. Overall, these features create an intuitive and enjoyable reading journey, reflecting well on the strength of both the story and the Kindle Scribe as the medium for this classic mystery.

Pros and Cons

When it comes to reading, we all have our preferences. Whether you’re a die-hard thriller aficionado or just looking for a quick literary escape, “The Victim” by P.D. James captures a unique space in the realm of short stories. Let’s break down what sets this piece apart, for better or worse.


  • Strong Writing: P.D. James is renowned for her compelling storytelling, and “The Victim” lives up to her reputation. The text is well organized, with a blend of suspense and humour that keeps us engaged from start to finish.
  • Perfect for Quick Reads: The story’s brevity makes it the perfect companion when we’re queuing or need a brief diversion. It’s short enough to read in one sitting, ideal for those moments when commitment to a longer book isn’t an option.
  • Unexpected Twist: As avid readers, we’re often on the lookout for stories that surprise us. “The Victim” delivers on this front with an intriguing twist that most of us didn’t see coming, reaffirming James’s skill as a storyteller.


  • Very Short: Some of us like a lengthy read that we can sink our teeth into. If that’s you, the extreme brevity of this story—roughly 15 pages—might leave you wanting more.
  • Single Story: While P.D. James has a wider anthology of stories, this volume contains just one. For those of us accustomed to devouring story collections in one volume, this might seem limiting.
  • Cost Consideration: Given the short length, the price point may appear high for the amount of content. We have to weigh whether the price justifies the quality and brevity of entertainment provided.

In essence, “The Victim” presents a high-quality, quick read that showcases P.D. James’s talent for crafting a suspenseful narrative with a punchy conclusion. However, the story’s length and cost might be drawbacks for those of us who measure value in page count. Whether you’re looking to expand your collection of thrillers or just need a short distraction, this story’s charm lies in its brief, yet complete, experience.

Customer Reviews

We’ve spent time poring through the feedback from those who have immersed themselves in P.D. James’ “The Victim.” Readers generally appreciate its conciseness and the narrative’s compelling nature. Grasping the essence of an inverted mystery, many have expressed admiration for James’ artful storytelling and the plot twist that leaves a lasting impression.

While the satisfaction with the author’s skill is consistent, some readers have pointed out that this short story, standing alone, comes in a rather minuscule format. The physical dimensions of the book have surprised a few, with its thin profile sparking a bit of debate regarding value for money.

Moreover, the brevity of “The Victim” has been a double-edged sword—the short duration makes it an ideal companion for brief periods of downtime or as an escape from everyday stressors like lengthy queues or pressing concerns. Nevertheless, it may not cater to those yearning for a more extended engagement with the text.

The consensus gives “The Victim” a solid thumbs-up for those seeking a quick, intense dose of classic mystery, complete with well-executed suspense and a dash of humor. It’s clear that a sense of appreciation for P.D. James’ work is present across the board, influencing some readers to further explore her collection.


After spending time with “The Victim,” we’ve come to appreciate its crisp storytelling and the finesse with which P. D. James crafts an inverted mystery. While a standalone piece, it doesn’t shy away from offering the depth expected from James’ longer novels. The compact size makes it a perfect companion for a quick escape during commutes or brief downtimes. We found the balance of suspense and humor impressive for such a short work, and the unexpected twist at the end was a delightful payoff.

However, it’s worth noting that the story’s brevity may not satisfy those looking for a more extended engagement. Some of us felt the price point a bit steep for the content volume. But if you’re a fan of James or the thriller genre, the quality of writing does not disappoint, and it showcases the author’s strong narrative voice beautifully. Ultimately, “The Victim” is a commendable short read, offering a taste of classic mystery in the briefest of formats.