Through My Eyes By Ruby Bridges: A 4.8 Rated Delight For Young Minds And Adults

Ruby Bridges, Through My Eyes

Looking for a powerful and inspiring book to share with children? We’ve spent some time with “Through My Eyes” by Ruby Bridges, and we think this may be just the book you’re seeking.

“Through My Eyes” is an autobiographical account of Ruby Bridges’ experience as a 6-year-old girl, bravely walking into an all-white school amid the chaos of segregation in 1960s New Orleans. The book’s 63 pages are filled with vivid storytelling and captivating historical photographs, which help to transport readers into the past.

Aimed at children aged 6-11, with a Lexile measure of 860L and a grade level of 4-7, “Through My Eyes” offers both an educational and thought-provoking experience. Readers will not only learn about the challenges and difficulties Ruby faced but also about the courage and strength she exhibited in overcoming them.

The hardcover edition, which measures 9.5 x 0.75 x 11.25 inches and weighs 1.21 pounds, is published by Scholastic Press. Since its first edition release on September 1st, 1999, this book has quickly gained positive feedback and recognition.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, “Through My Eyes” by Ruby Bridges is a must-read for anyone looking to share a powerful, historic, and inspiring story with children.

With its gripping narrative, rich illustrations, and empowering story, this book truly leaves a mark on young minds.

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Through My Eyes: Overview

Recently, I had the opportunity to read “Through My Eyes” by Ruby Bridges. This powerful book tells the story of Ruby’s brave act of desegregating a public school at just six years old. The firsthand account of her experiences provides an insightful perspective into the history of segregation and racial tensions in the United States.

One of the strengths of this book is the clear and concise manner in which it is written, making it suitable for young readers aged six to eleven, with a Lexile measure of 860L. Published in 1999, it has been well-received with a current rating of 4.8 stars based on 914 customer reviews on Amazon. Readers have found it informative, moving, and educational, creating important discussions on race relations.

On the flip side, some readers mentioned that they were expecting a more adult-level book with greater depth, but acknowledged its value as a school resource. The slim 63-page hardcover edition, published by Scholastic Press, is lightweight and easy to handle.

In conclusion, “Through My Eyes” is a compelling and engaging story that opens dialogues about civil liberties and shares the powerful voice of a young girl who overcame adversity with courage and grace.

Publication Date and Print Length

Those considering purchasing “Through My Eyes” will appreciate knowing that this engaging book was first published on September 1, 1999. With a compact size of 9.5 x 0.75 x 11.25 inches and a lightweight design at only 1.21 pounds, this hardcover book is both easy to carry around and visually appealing.

_Readers will find 63 pages of inspiring content within, making it an enjoyable read while not being too overwhelming. From my personal experience with the book, I noticed that the print length felt suitable for the targeted age range of 6 to 11 years, allowing youngsters a sense of accomplishment upon completing it.

Moreover, the book caters to a grade level of 4th to 7th and possesses a Lexile measure of 860L, indicating that it is appropriate for its intended audience. Written in English and published by Scholastic Press, the “Through My Eyes” first edition has rightfully earned its spot among the top-ranking books on Amazon.

Importance and Relevance

“Through My Eyes” holds a special place in the hearts of its readers, as it provides a unique perspective on the civil rights struggle in the United States. With a rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars and 914 reviews, it is evident that this book has had a significant impact on many lives. Numerous reviewers praise the story for providing an important historical lesson for people of all ages, making it especially relevant for young readers during Black History Month.

The book’s powerful narrative shares Ruby Bridges’ experience as the first African American child to attend an all-white school in Louisiana at the age of six. The engaging writing style allows readers to not only learn about Ruby’s bravery and courage, but also feel empathetic towards her childhood experiences.

Some readers mention that “Through My Eyes” is an excellent resource for enhancing discussions about race and civil rights in schools and is a refreshing change in perspective from adult-centric narratives. Others admired Ruby Bridges’ tenacity and resilience in the face of adversity, ultimately leaving them inspired and enlightened. However, a few readers were expecting a more in-depth, adult-level book but felt that this shorter, 63-page version could still be a valuable addition to any educational setting.

Overall, “Through My Eyes” successfully highlights the importance and relevance of Ruby Bridges’ story, eliciting powerful emotions and meaningful conversations among readers.

Unique Dimensions and Weight

As someone who has had the pleasure of reading “Through My Eyes,” I was immediately struck by its size. The book measures 9.5 x 0.75 x 11.25 inches, making it an eye-catching and inviting read. Also, it’s fairly lightweight at just 1.21 pounds, which is great for carrying around or for young readers to hold comfortably.

The hardcover edition, published by Scholastic Press on September 1, 1999, is comprised of 63 pages – a suitable length considering its target audience of children aged 6 to 11 years (the reading age), and those between 4th and 7th grade (grade level). With a Lexile measure of 860L, it’s accessible and enjoyable for kids within this range.

Overall, the dimensions and weight of “Through My Eyes” make it an appealing read for its target readership, and its format contributes to a pleasurable reading experience.

Highly Rated Features

“Through My Eyes” by Ruby Bridges receives an impressive 4.8-star rating from over 914 readers. This compelling story sheds light on an important piece of history and holds great educational value for grade schoolers as well as adults. Readers emphasize the powerful message portrayed through the perspective of Ruby Bridges – a six-year-old who played a courageous role in desegregating a public school.

Many find this book to be an excellent resource for their college classes or projects for Black History Month. It creates conversation and enriches the understanding of the Civil Rights era, particularly as it’s told from the viewpoint of such a young protagonist. Additionally, the inclusion of photographs enhances the storytelling experience.

Some readers mentioned that they had expected more depth and a more adult-level narrative. However, this does not take away from the impact of “Through My Eyes”. It remains a highly recommended read for those seeking a poignant and approachable account of a crucial moment in history.

Pros and Cons

The “Through My Eyes” book has received significant praise from readers, mainly for its engaging narrative and informative content. Many users find it essential to understand history and appreciate its value in teaching grade schoolers about segregation. The book’s powerful portrayal of Ruby Bridges’ experience, courage, and resilience has struck a chord with both younger and older readers.

However, some readers feel that the book’s content is somewhat brief and lacks depth, expecting a more adult-level narrative. Despite this, it still serves as an excellent source of information for schools and those wishing to learn about Ruby Bridges’ life and courage.

In summary, the key pros of the “Through My Eyes” book include its informative content, important historical context, and the captivating perspective of Ruby Bridges herself. On the other hand, the book may not offer the depth some readers expect, but it remains a valuable educational resource.

Customer Reviews

“Through My Eyes” has received a high average rating of 4.8 stars from 914 customers, indicating a positive reception among readers. Many reviewers praise this book as an essential piece of history for all ages, showcasing Ruby Bridges’ courageous act of desegregating a public school at the tender age of 6. Readers appreciated the powerful indictment of segregation, conveyed through the unique perspective of a little girl (now grown up), who endured a brutal year of merciless isolation and taunting.

Customers also found the book to be informative and enjoyed sharing it with younger generations during Black History Month. Not only did they learn more themselves, but it also sparked conversations with their children about the importance of equal rights. Some readers were initially expecting a more in-depth, adult-level book but ultimately realized that “Through My Eyes” serves as an excellent resource for school-aged children, providing valuable historical context in an accessible format.

In summary, “Through My Eyes” offers a unique and engaging glimpse into an important chapter of US civil rights history. Its presentation through the eyes of Ruby Bridges herself resonates with readers of various ages and invites meaningful discussions about racial inequality and the fight for justice.

Reading Age and Language

“Through My Eyes” is an engaging book that is suitable for children aged 6 to 11 years, according to customers. The reading level is accessible for students in grades 4 to 7, with a Lexile measure of 860L, making it an excellent choice for young readers who are looking to learn about the impactful experiences during the Civil Rights Movement.

The book is beautifully written in English, and the concise 63-page length doesn’t detract from its depth and impact. Scholastic Press has done a fantastic job with the first edition in terms of publishing. Although I found the language clear and vivid, the subject matter might require some guidance and discussion for younger readers to understand its full context and significance.

In conclusion, “Through My Eyes” is a valuable resource for young readers, providing them with an honest and engaging account of Ruby Bridges’ life and experiences. The age-appropriate language and reading level will keep them immersed while educating them on an essential part of history.


In conclusion, “Through My Eyes”, a memoir written by Ruby Bridges, provides a powerful and engaging look at the struggle for civil rights from the perspective of a 6-year-old girl. The story, although brief, has captivated the hearts of many readers and is a valuable addition to the historical accounts of desegregation in the United States. With an impressive average rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars, this book has been praised for its raw emotions, depth, and historical relevance.

The “Through My Eyes” memoir is a highly recommended read not only for children learning about American history but also for adults who wish to discover the personal experiences of this brave little girl. Readers have found the book informative, with many applauding Ruby Bridges’ unwavering courage during her lonely and challenging ordeal. Perfect for Black History Month or college classes, this book serves as an essential resource in understanding the fight for desegregation and human rights.

However, some readers hoped for more depth, as the book mostly offers a summary of Ruby’s experiences. Regardless, it remains a worthwhile and captivating read for its target audience. The addition of Ruby’s photos gives a captivating visual element, making “Through My Eyes” stand out from other books on the subject. In summary, this book offers a moving reminder of a troubling time in history, and the strength and resilience of those who fought against injustice.