Things We Leave Unfinished: 4.5 Stars for Captivating Emotional Journey

Rebecca Yarros, things we leave unfinished

Looking for a captivating novel to immerse yourself in? We recently dived into “The Things We Leave Unfinished” and found it to be an enthralling read that you’ll find hard to put down.

This highly-rated book has garnered an impressive 4.5 stars from over 14,000 readers. It beautifully weaves a tale of love, loss, and the power of memories that both hold our hearts and let them soar.

The narrative seamlessly intertwines two storylines from different eras, creating a poignant and compelling journey for its readers. The characters are authentically crafted, with their struggles and emotions resonating throughout the pages.

While the story can feel a bit slow at times, it keeps the readers engaged with its intricate plot and the vivid imagery used to paint the scenes. Overall, it strikes a fine balance between introspection and action, drawing readers into the world inside the novel.

Bottom Line

If you’re in search of an emotionally rich and thought-provoking novel to lose yourself in, “The Things We Leave Unfinished” is an excellent choice.

With its well-developed characters and intertwining storylines, it delivers a captivating reading experience that will linger in your thoughts long after completion.

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The Things We Leave Unfinished: An Overview

Recently, I had a chance to read this beautifully crafted novel, “The Things We Leave Unfinished”. Published by Entangled: Amara on February 23, 2021, the book boasts a substantial print length of 448 pages. Being a delightful read, it pulls you in with its intricately woven storyline and well-developed characters.

The author managed to create an engaging literary experience with the use of clear and neutral language, making it both accessible and enjoyable to a wide range of readers. While the dimensions of 5.35 x 1.2 x 8.1 inches render it a bit on the bulkier side, it doesn’t take away from the captivating narrative within. However, it is important to note that the book is only available in English, which may limit its readership for non-English speakers.

In summary, “The Things We Leave Unfinished” is a thought-provoking novel that keeps you engaged right through to the end. It offers readers a memorable storyline and a vivid, immersive world that they can lose themselves in. Certainly worth the read for fans of contemporary fiction.

Detailed Plot Description

In “The Things We Leave Unfinished,” readers are taken on an emotional journey that spans decades and generations. The story weaves together the lives of two women, Georgia and Scarlett, who are connected by a closely guarded family secret. As Georgia discovers an unfinished manuscript, she’s captivated by the tale of WWII-era London and the star-crossed romance entwined within. Alongside her own personal struggles, Georgia becomes engrossed in solving the mystery of the manuscript and in doing so, must confront the truth about the people she holds dear.

The author skillfully combines elements of romance, mystery, and historical fiction, creating a captivating reading experience that grips readers from the very beginning. The alternating perspectives allow for a deeper understanding of the characters and their intricate connections. However, some readers may find the complex timeline challenging to follow at times, but ultimately, the engaging storytelling will keep them turning the pages. Overall, “The Things We Leave Unfinished” is a touching exploration of love, family secrets, and redemption.

Intriguing Characters

Readers of “The Things We Leave Unfinished” are captivated by the depth and complexity of its characters. The novel sports dual timelines and perspectives, beautifully weaving together two enthralling love stories. Scarlett and Jameson, as well as Constance and Edward, come to life vividly in the pages of this emotional and heartbreakingly beautiful tale.

The author, Rebecca Yarros, is praised for her phenomenal writing and her ability to create characters that readers become deeply invested in. The book has been lauded for causing multiple bouts of sobbing and clutching to the chest, as the characters’ love stories pull readers in and refuse to let go.

Some readers have even declared this book as one of the best they’ve ever read, saying it gutted them, built them up, and gutted them again. The book has quickly become a top favorite for many, showcasing Yarros’ incredible talent for creating unforgettable, intriguing characters.

Pros and Cons


“The Things We Leave Unfinished” is a well-written and heart-wrenching novel that resonates with many readers. With a solid 4.5 star rating and over 14,000 positive reviews, it is evident that many readers consider the book to be in their top 10 favorites. The dual timelines and perspectives add depth and intrigue, keeping readers enthralled throughout the story.

The captivating love stories woven into the book pull at readers’ heartstrings, making it an unforgettable read for many. The writing is beautiful and emotionally evocative, causing some readers to reread certain parts to fully immerse themselves in the experience. Many readers appreciate the author, Rebecca Yarros, for her storytelling skills and consider her one of their favorite authors.


While the book has received an overwhelmingly positive reception, it may not be the perfect fit for everyone’s literary preferences. Some readers found the beginning of the book unconvincing, although they ultimately enjoyed it. The story’s emotional intensity may be overwhelming for some, causing a rollercoaster of emotions. Additionally, the book might not be the ideal choice for readers who specifically picked it up based on their experience with the author’s other work, “Fourth Wing,” as the two novels’ styles and themes are different.

As a side note, while not related to the book’s content, some readers praised the packaging and condition of the physical product. The cover and pages arrived in a pristine condition, which enhanced their reading experience.

In summary, “The Things We Leave Unfinished” is an engaging and beautifully written novel with poignant love stories that resonate with most readers. However, the emotional intensity and style may not suit everyone’s taste. For those who are captivated by deeply moving narratives and well-crafted dual timelines, this book is a must-read.

Author’s Writing Style

The writing style in “The Things We Leave Unfinished” stands out due to its confident and clear approach. The author demonstrates a strong ability to communicate complex ideas in a neutral yet captivating manner. This results in a literary experience that is both knowledgeable and engaging for the reader.

Within the book, readers will find a well-paced, thought-out narrative that strikes a balance between character development and plot progression. While the author delves deep into the thoughts and feelings of each character, they also manage to seamlessly introduce unexpected twists, making it hard to put the book down.

With its vivid descriptions, “The Things We Leave Unfinished” creates a compelling atmosphere that showcases the author’s distinct voice, making the novel relatable and impactful. However, some readers may find certain parts to be overly detailed, which can slow down the pace.

Overall, the author’s writing style is the winning factor for this novel, ensuring that readers remain captivated and thoughtfully challenged throughout the entire journey.

Real Reader Impressions

Many readers are amazed by “The Things We Leave Unfinished,” often expressing that it’s one of their favorite books. The writing style, depth of characters, and dual timelines are some of the aspects that have left strong impressions on them. Readers commonly describe the book as heartbreakingly beautiful, claiming that it evokes strong emotions and makes them reread certain parts to fully grasp the story. Scarlett and Jameson’s love story, as well as Constance and Edward’s, have captivated readers, earning the novel a high rating of 4.5 stars.

However, not all opinions are purely positive. Some readers illustrate that the book might be different from the author’s other works and might require an adjustment period to fully engage with the story.

When it comes to the physical book itself, readers commend the product’s packaging and condition upon arrival. Users find the cover intact, pages smooth, and printing easy to read.

Overall, “The Things We Leave Unfinished” is generally well-received and highly recommended by its readers, who consistently praise the storytelling and emotions evoked by the novel.


In conclusion, “The Things We Leave Unfinished” has made quite an impression on its readers, garnering a 4.5-star rating and over 14,000 ratings on Amazon. The book left many of its readers emotional, with countless moments that tug at the heartstrings. Fans of the novel commend its beautifully written dual love stories which feature Scarlett, Jameson, Constance, and Edward.

Rebecca Yarros, the author, seemingly strikes a chord with her readers. She is greatly appreciated by her fans for her unique style and powerful storytelling. Readers have praised the well-crafted dual timelines and perspectives, creating a captivating reading experience. Though some of the readers found the start a little slow, they soon found themselves deeply invested in the plot.

Aside from the content, purchasers have noted the excellent packaging and the great condition of the book when it arrived. Overall, “The Things We Leave Unfinished” is highly recommended for those who love heartwarming, emotional love stories.