The Summer We Fell by Elizabeth Oroark: Is It The Ultimate Romance Novel?

Elizabeth Oroark, The Summer We Fell

Are you looking to get lost in a captivating romance novel this summer? Dive into “The Summer We Fell (The Summer Series Book 1)” by Elizabeth O’Roark. This highly-rated novel is sure to keep you entertained as you follow the lives and loves of the characters.

In “The Summer We Fell”, you’ll find yourself immersed in a world of friendship, love, and fate. The well-crafted story has a total of 318 pages, and its engaging writing style makes it easy to read and hard to put down.

The Kindle edition comes with great features like Page Flip, Word Wise, X-Ray, and Enhanced Typesetting to further enhance your reading experience. Plus, you’ll be able to utilize sticky notes on Kindle Scribe and experience Text-to-Speech functionality. Written in English and published on April 6, 2023, it’s no wonder readers have given “The Summer We Fell” a 4.4-star rating and placed it among the top-rated books on Amazon.

Bottom Line

If you’re searching for an engrossing romance novel to fill your summer days, don’t hesitate to pick up “The Summer We Fell” by Elizabeth O’Roark. With a captivating plot and mesmerizing characters, it’s truly a must-read.

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The Summer We Fell: An Overview

A captivating and heartfelt read, “The Summer We Fell” by Elizabeth O’Roark showcases a riveting tale of love and emotional depth. This first book of “The Summer Series”, boasts a solid 4.4 out of 5 stars rating, backed by over 8,000 appreciative reader reviews.

As a neutral, knowledgeable reviewer, I can attest that this novel captivates its audience with a well-written plot and relatable characters. It offers the readers an excellent blend of happiness and heartbreak, which keeps them engaged until the very end.

However, not every work of art is perfect. Some readers may find certain parts of the story predictable or cliché, but many would argue that this does not detract from the book’s overall appeal.

In summary, “The Summer We Fell” is an enjoyable read that pulls at the heartstrings and immerses readers in a world of love, loss, and self-discovery. While it may have minor flaws, the novel’s adept storytelling and emotional depth make it a must-read for fans of contemporary romance.

Unique Aspect: Past and Present Perspective

“The Summer We Fell” offers a fascinating mix of past and present perspectives. Readers will journey through time as they flip through the 318 pages, each infused with the confident, knowledgeable tone. The character development throughout the Summer Series Book 1 is not only relatable but also emotionally engaging.

As a summer read, this novel delivers with its well-crafted narrative. While you can read it on any Kindle-enabled device, the X-ray and word-wise features make for a tailored reading experience. The impressive use of enhanced typesetting, in addition to text-to-speech support, truly sets this eBook apart.

However, it’s crucial to note that the experience may vary depending on the device used. The file size of 2951 KB may seem hefty and could impact loading time on older devices. Despite this, the captivating storyline will continue to resonate with readers long after they’ve turned the last page.

Feature: Engaging Narration

“The Summer We Fell (The Summer Series Book 1)” offers a captivating narration that keeps readers hooked. The story unfolds through alternating perspectives of “Now” and “Then.” This structure effectively builds up tension and showcases the complex relationships between the characters. Readers have praised the book for its emotional depth, which takes them on a roller coaster of feelings.

One of the most noteworthy aspects of this novel is its strong character development. Juliet Cantrell’s journey is especially compelling, and the past-present format allows a deeper understanding of her background and choices. The book also contains some challenging themes, so potential readers are advised to check trigger warnings before starting.

On the downside, some readers initially struggled with the past-present narration style. However, once they adjusted, they found themselves immersed in the story. Overall, “The Summer We Fell” excels in delivering an engaging and angsty experience, leaving readers eager for more in the series.

Feature: Emotional Roller Coaster

“The Summer We Fell”, part of “The Summer Series”, takes its readers on an emotional roller coaster ride through alternating past and present points of view. Entwined with elements of teenage love, heartbreak, and drama, this novel consistently grips its readers.

Readers commend the storytelling technique as it enhances their immersion into the lives of the characters. Experiencing raw emotions such as tension, love, and pain, readers are often left on the edge of their seats, unable to put the book down.

However, some found that it took time to get used to the narration style. Navigating between past and present could initially prove challenging, making it hard for some to dive into the story right away.

Despite this hurdle, the majority of readers appreciated the emotional depth conveyed in “The Summer We Fell.” In summary, the novel provides a highly engaging experience, appealing to those looking for a relatable and emotionally stirring read.

Pros and Cons


“The Summer We Fell,” part of The Summer Series by Elizabeth O’Roark, is a roller coaster of emotions that has captivated readers with its unique storytelling style. Written in both past and present tense, the alternating narrative structure keeps readers on the edge of their seats and completely engaged. The story is filled with tension and contains themes of love, trauma, and self-discovery, which make for an angsty yet beautiful experience.

Many reviewers were pleasantly surprised by how captivating the book turned out to be, even though some might not have expected to love it as much. The protagonist, Juliet Cantrell, is well-developed and relatable, and readers can easily empathize with her journey. Furthermore, the novel is considered a standalone, so it can easily be enjoyed without having read other books in the series.


While there are many positive aspects, “The Summer We Fell” also has drawbacks. Several readers found the past/present narrative structure to be initially confusing or took some time to get used to the storytelling style. Consequently, some readers considered not finishing the book (DNF) early on, only to be eventually drawn in as the story developed.

Additionally, although the book is told from one person’s point of view, some readers would have appreciated insight into other characters’ perspectives to enrich the narrative. Lastly, having trigger warnings upfront might be helpful for readers sensitive to specific issues since the book contains potentially distressing content.

In conclusion, “The Summer We Fell” by Elizabeth O’Roark is an emotional and engaging read with both strengths and weaknesses. The unique storytelling and captivating plot outweigh the initial confusion related to the narrative structure and the desire for multiple perspectives.

Customer Review Highlights

In the pages of “The Summer We Fell (The Summer Series Book 1),” readers are taken on an emotional roller coaster. The writing style, which alternates between past and present tense, has captivated many readers, as it adds depth to the characters and the story. However, some readers initially found the past/present approach to be annoying, taking time to adjust.

People widely appreciated the intense tension between the characters and the powerful depiction of trauma and relationships. The readers didn’t expect to be so attached, but the storyline and love triangle had them engrossed from the beginning. The alternating structure in the “Now” and “Then” chapters also contributed to the book’s hold on its audience.

Some reviewers mentioned that they would have liked to see multiple POVs, specifically to gain insight into other characters’ perspectives. However, the overall response to “The Summer We Fell” is positive, with many people considering it their favorite read or highly recommending it to others. Note that potential readers are advised to check trigger warnings before diving into this book, as it deals with sensitive subjects.

As part of Elizabeth O’Roark’s ‘The Summer’ series, this book has made a significant impact on readers, who eagerly look forward to more of the author’s work.


In wrapping up, “The Summer We Fell (The Summer Series Book 1)” has earned a strong 4.4 average rating from its numerous readers, and it’s no surprise why. This emotionally charged and captivating story is full of twists and turns as it takes readers on a roller coaster of emotions. Numerous reviews emphasize the skillful storytelling, which alternates between past and present, keeping the reader engaged throughout.

Fans of the romance genre will appreciate the angsty nature of the story and the well-developed characters dealing with love, trauma, and personal growth. While some readers may find the switching between past and present tense challenging, most find that it adds depth to the narrative, making it worth the read.

Bear in mind that this book does contain triggers that readers may want to be aware of before diving in. However, for those who are comfortable with the heavier subject matter, “The Summer We Fell” is a gripping and unforgettable book that will leave you eagerly awaiting Book 2 in the series. Overall, this novel strikes a perfect balance of impactful storytelling and compelling characters, making it a great addition to any reading list.