The Hunger of the Gods


The Hunger of the Gods: An Epic Saga of Power and Vengeance

“The Hunger of the Gods,” the second installment in John Gwynne’s Bloodsworn Saga, is an epic Norse-inspired fantasy that promises a thrilling combination of vengeance, power, and war. As a successor to the highly acclaimed “The Shadow of the Gods,” this novel continues the saga with the same intensity and passion, delivering a riveting narrative that will leave readers on the edge of their seats.

The Power of the Gods Returns

The novel picks up where the first book left off, with the dragon god Lik-Rifa awakening from her eternal prison. Now free, she’s plotting a new era of blood and conquest, leaving the inhabitants of the land of Vigrið to face the horrifying reality of gods once again walking among them.

Orka: The Relentless Warrior

Orka, one of the primary characters from the first book, continues her relentless pursuit to rescue her son, Breca. Despite the rising tide of divine power, Orka’s resolve remains unshaken. Her fierce, maternal instincts and unparalleled combat skills make her a compelling character, one that readers can’t help but root for.

Varg: A Newfound Warrior

Varg, the former fugitive and new member of the Bloodsworn crew, begins to explore his capabilities as a warrior in this sequel. Varg’s journey is one of self-discovery and growth, as he learns to control his inner wolf and navigate the harsh realities of his world.

Elvar: A Leader in the Making

Elvar, a warrior of noble birth, has her leadership skills tested in “The Hunger of the Gods.” She must rally the Battle-Grim mercenaries to face the impending war, all while grappling with a blood oath that binds her to rescue a prisoner from the hands of Lik-Rifa.

A New Perspective

Adding depth to the narrative, Gwynne introduces two new point-of-view characters in “The Hunger of the Gods.” These new characters provide valuable insights into the enemy camp, adding layers of complexity to the storyline and making the narrative all the more engaging.

The Battle Scenes: A Gwynne Special

John Gwynne is renowned for his vivid and exhilarating battle scenes, and “The Hunger of the Gods” is no exception. The fight sequences are meticulously choreographed, immersing readers in the heat of the battle and providing an adrenaline-pumping reading experience.

A Gritty, Atmospheric World

Gwynne’s world-building skills shine through in “The Hunger of the Gods.” The land of Vigrið is filled with gods, witches, trolls, and a host of other fantastical creatures, painting a vivid picture of a gritty, atmospheric world that is as captivating as it is terrifying.

Prose That Captivates

Gwynne’s prose is both accessible and beautiful, evoking a sense of “old school fantasy” that is both nostalgic and comforting. His evocative writing brings the world of Vigrið to life, making readers feel as though they are experiencing the saga firsthand.

A Must-Read Sequel

“The Hunger of the Gods” is a must-read sequel for any fan of epic fantasy. Gwynne’s compelling characters, thrilling battle scenes, and masterful world-building make this novel a standout addition to the Bloodsworn Saga. Whether you’re a longtime fan of Gwynne or a newcomer to his work, “The Hunger of the Gods” is a book you won’t want to miss.

The Road Ahead

With its heart-wrenching ending, “The Hunger of the Gods” sets the stage for a grand conclusion to the Bloodsworn Saga. As the gods rise and war looms, readers are left eagerly anticipating the final installment of this epic series.

In conclusion, “The Hunger of the Gods” is a breathtaking journey through a world where gods walk among men and vengeance is a driving force. John Gwynne has once again proven his storytelling prowess, delivering a novel that is both captivating and emotionally resonant. Whether you’re a fan of Norse mythology, epic fantasy, or simply enjoy a well-told tale of power and vengeance, “The Hunger of the Gods” is a must-read.