the heroine of drayfox


The Heroine of Drayfox: A Riveting Tale

The heroine of Drayfox is a captivating tale that whisks its readers away into a mystic realm teeming with magic and mysterious entities. This enchanting narrative has amassed a substantial fanbase, with ardent followers eagerly awaiting each new development in the storyline.


The heroine of Drayfox is a fantasy manhwa authored by Latine, with Seulah and Bbaek providing the art. Initially published on May 23, 2020, it has since been serialized in KakaoPage. What sets this narrative apart is its captivating blend of Isekai and reincarnation themes, giving it a unique flavor that resonates with many fans of the genre.

The Storyline

The tale commences with the protagonist, Hansol, who is eagerly looking forward to starting her college life. However, destiny has its own plans. A tragic accident transplants her into an otherworldly realm, a mystical land far removed from her earthly existence.

Transformed into Finea Macaira, she is now the offspring of the noble Drayfox lineage and a direct descendant of one of the empire’s five heroes. She must now relinquish her past and embrace her new existence in this magical world.

The transition isn’t smooth. Finea discovers within herself a potent magical ability that is tough to control. Meanwhile, an ancient and malevolent force is on the brink of resurrection. With the protection of the six elemental spirits and a friendly dragon, she might just harness her potential and fulfill her destiny as one of the empire’s great heroes.

The Art

The artwork in the Heroine of Drayfox is a significant element that contributes to its popularity. Artists Seulah and Bbaek have done a commendable job in creating a visually appealing and immersive world that draws readers in. The full coloring and shading give a unique feel to the storyline, enhancing the overall reading experience.

While some readers argue that the art seems below average initially, it undeniably shows improvement as the narrative progresses. This gradual evolution, coupled with the intriguing plot, keeps readers hooked to the series.

The Characters

The characters in the Heroine of Drayfox are meticulously crafted, each with their unique traits and arcs. Readers find themselves resonating with these characters, rooting for them against all odds.

Finea, the protagonist, is an overpowered main character who gets a lot of power and faces minor struggles. However, her main focus is cherishing her family and the memories she creates with them. Readers appreciate her growth and development throughout the series.

Reviews and Reactions

The Heroine of Drayfox has received mixed reactions from readers. Some readers feel that the narrative tries too hard to push the protagonist’s character, making it a bit overwhelming. They feel the plot starts slow but gradually picks up pace, becoming more exciting and engaging.

Other readers laud the story for its unique take on the Isekai theme, appreciating the realistic depiction of the grieving process and the mental issues associated with dying and transitioning to another world.

Online Platforms and Translations

The Heroine of Drayfox has been published digitally in several languages. The English, French, and German versions are available on Tappytoon. Readers can also access the series in Simplified Chinese on Kuaikanmanhua, German on Tappytoon, Indonesian on Kakaowebtoon, Japanese on Piccoma, Thai on Webtoons, and Traditional Chinese on Webtoons. This wide availability in multiple languages has significantly contributed to the series’ global popularity.


The Heroine of Drayfox, with its unique blend of fantasy, Isekai, and reincarnation themes, has carved a niche for itself in the realm of manhwa. Despite mixed reviews, the series has managed to attract a substantial fanbase, thanks to its engaging plot, well-developed characters, and stunning art. Whether you’re a seasoned fan of the genre or a newcomer, The Heroine of Drayfox is a series worth checking out.