Tanya Eby


Tanya Eby: A Narrator’s Journey from Words to Worlds

Tanya Eby has carved out a distinguished niche in the literary and audio world with a career that is as diverse as it is impressive. She is not only a renowned narrator, credited with giving voice to over 1,000 audiobook titles, but also a talented writer whose work has landed on the USA Today bestseller list. Her versatility spans a range of genres, from literature and fiction to romance and mystery thrillers, highlighting her adaptability and mastery of different narrative forms.

Eby’s professional narration career has earned her widespread recognition and several accolades, including an Audie nomination and an AudioFile Earphones Award, a testament to her exceptional storytelling abilities. Furthermore, Eby’s creative endeavors are not confined to the microphone; she is also a dedicated writer. Her passion for storytelling is matched by her commitment to engaging with her audience, making her presence felt beyond the written and spoken word through active participation in social media and literary communities.

Key Takeaways

  • Tanya Eby is an award-winning narrator and bestselling author.
  • She is proficient in narrating across various genres and has voiced over a thousand audiobooks.
  • Eby actively engages with her audience through social media and community involvement.

Biographical Highlights

YouTube video

Tanya Eby is a well-known name in the world of audiobook narration, having lent her voice to over 1,000 titles. She’s distinguished herself in the industry and is recognized not just for her quantity of work, but for the quality, earning her an Audie Award, which celebrates outstanding achievement in audiobook narration.

As someone who deeply values literature and storytelling, Eby holds both a BA in English language and literature and an MFA in creative writing. This academic background goes to show just how much she understands and commits to the craft of weaving narratives, whether on paper or through sound.

  • Location: Grand Rapids, Michigan
  • Profession: Narrator, Writer, Publisher
  • Academic Background:
    • BA in English Language & Literature
    • MFA in Creative Writing

Tanya’s voice has brought to life books from an array of esteemed publishing houses including Audible, Brilliance, Blackstone, Dreamscape, Penguin Random House, and Tantor. Her versatility in narration style is well acknowledged; she’s described as sometimes warm, sometimes creepy, but always engaging.

As a USA Today Bestselling author, Tanya isn’t just a narrator but also contributes to the literary world with her own writing. AudioFile Magazine, a leading publication in audiobook reviews, has positively recognized her narrative talent, noting her ability to create the experience of a full-cast recording singlehandedly.

In addition to her prolific narrating career, she’s also the driving force behind Blunder Woman Productions, her own company. This speaks to her entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to the advancement of audiobook production. Tanya’s journey is one that inspires both aspiring narrators and writers, showing that one can indeed have a diverse and fulfilling career in the literary arts.

Professional Narration Career

Tanya Eby has established herself as a prominent figure in the world of audiobook narration, bringing a vast array of stories to life through her voice.

Audiobook Contributions

Tanya Eby has lent her voice to over 1,000 audiobooks, spanning numerous genres. Her work includes not just fiction but also nonfiction, with a prominent presence in romance, mystery, and thriller categories. Her ability to handle different types of literature is evident from her extensive portfolio which encompasses everything from cookbooks to memoirs.

Notable Recognitions

Eby’s talent has not gone unnoticed; she is an Audie Award-winning narrator recognized by industry peers for excellence in audiobook narration. Her achievements are highlighted in features by publications like AudioFile Magazine, which commends her diverse work life and narration skills.

Collaborations and Genres

Throughout her career, Tanya has narrated books from industry-leading publishing houses, including Audible, Brilliance, Blackstone, Dreamscape, Penguin Random House, and Tantor. She has also worked on the works of bestselling authors such as Nora Roberts and Julie Garwood, exhibiting proficiency in genres from romance and thrillers to mystery.

Narration Style and Reviews

Readers and listeners on platforms like Goodreads often praise Tanya Eby for her clear and engaging narration style. Her performances are typically well-received, with plenty of positive comments and recommendations, highlighting her ability to convey the authors’ intents and bring characters to life.

Industry Influence

Eby is not just a narrator but also wears the hats of a USA Today Bestselling author and producer. She founded her own company, Blunder Woman Productions, showcasing her influence in the industry not just as a voice but also as a creator and curator of audiobooks. Her hands-on involvement in production reflects her deep understanding of the narration process and commitment to the craft.

Literary Works

Tanya Eby has established herself as a versatile author, with a rich catalog of works ranging from romance to comedy, and a fusion of solo and collaborative projects that resonate with a diverse audience.

Solo Writing Ventures

Tanya Eby’s individual writing efforts have been well-received, with titles like Blunder Woman and In the Garden Room showcasing her skill in crafting engaging romantic comedies. The Tuesday Girl – A Memoir, her latest work published in September 2023, offers readers a glimpse into her more personal writing style.

Collaborative Projects

Eby’s collaborative writing with Sarina Bowen on the Man Hands series celebrates the blend of humor and warmth in romance. The series includes titles such as Man Hands and Man Card, which are popular among fans of lighthearted, yet heartfelt romantic comedy.

Themes and Styles

Throughout Eby’s works, themes of hope and heartbreak are beautifully interwoven with comedy. Her novels often portray quirky characters facing life’s challenges, while her nonfiction works, including memoirs like The Tuesday Girl, offer honest reflections on personal experiences.

Audience Connection

Her ability to connect with her audience is evident through her engaging storytelling, which fosters a bond with readers. Feedback on platforms such as Goodreads reflects this connection, with high ratings and positive reviews highlighting her influence.

Publishing Journey

From her debut novel to her most recent releases, Eby’s publishing journey has been marked by a steady production of books that find their way into the hearts of readers. Her works, like Foodies Rush In and Tiny Love Poems, cover various genres, showcasing her adaptability as an author.

Creative Inspirations

Eby draws inspiration from the everyday, infusing her writing with a blend of the mundane and the profound. This approach is evident in her blog and articles, as well as creative ventures like Nevertheless We Persisted, a collection that explores the resilience of the human spirit.

Her literature manages to capture the complexity of emotions, delivering stories that are both relatable and uplifting. Through her diverse range of works, Tanya Eby has carved out a niche for herself, becoming a cherished voice within the landscape of contemporary fiction.

Audience Engagement

Tanya Eby has captured her audience’s attention not just with her voice but also through her active and personal engagement with fans across various platforms.

Social Media and Blogging

Tanya Eby maintains a notable presence on social media and her blog, where she shares insights from her work life and experiences. By leveraging platforms like Goodreads and personal blogs, she provides her audience with an inside look into her career. Eby’s blog showcases a mix of narrative experiences, professional updates, and personal anecdotes which help her connect with readers and listeners on a more intimate level.

Fan Interaction

Engagement with fans is a two-way street for Eby. Through comments on her blog and social media posts, she fosters a dialogue that makes her followers feel heard and appreciated. It goes beyond mere updates; Eby is known for giving personalized recommendations and engaging in discussions that enhance the listener’s experience with her audiobooks.

Events and Appearances

Eby extends her connection with her audience through various events and appearances. Whether it’s giving interviews, participating in audiobook events, or engaging in live interactions, she makes sure to bring the same warmth and relatability that is found in her narrations. Fans appreciate these opportunities for face-to-face interaction, which serve not only to strengthen the fan-narrator bond but also to build a community around her work.


Tanya Eby’s journey in the world of storytelling and narration is marked by both her hope to bring stories to life and the colorful characters she creates and embodies. She has successfully navigated the literary and audio landscapes, establishing herself as a talented narrator and writer. With a voice that has earned her recognition and awards, she brings a unique depth to every audiobook she performs.

Narrative Achievements:

  • Audiobooks Narrated: Over 650
  • Awards: Audie-nominated and AudioFile Earphones Award winner
  • Degree: BA in English Language and Literature, MFA in Creative Writing

Her written works reflect her flexibility and passion for storytelling, capturing the hearts of readers with engaging tales. From the gritty depths of a gothic novel to the lighthearted adventures found in Blunder Woman, Tanya has showcased a range of genres, illustrating her versatility and ambition.

Tanya Eby’s Vision:

  • Hope: To connect with listeners and readers through powerful storytelling.
  • Characters: Creation of memorable and relatable characters in her novels and narration.

Through her own company, Blunder Woman Productions, she extends her artistic footprint, fostering a space where creativity and narratives thrive. Tanya Eby’s dedication to her craft is a source of inspiration, proving that with talent and determination, one can traverse multiple facets of the literary world, leaving a lasting impression on audiences everywhere.