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BOOK REVIEW: Paperback Crush by Gabrielle Moss

This is an entertaining journey back in time for many teenage girls reading in the 70’s, 80s & 90s. I liked the concept of the book, it is easy to read or just to flick through, written in a journal style. It has clear chapters with many front covers of the original books. It is

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BOOK REVIEW: Orphan Monster Spy by Matt Killeen

In Germany 1934 the last place you’d look for a fifteen-year-old Jewish girl is in a Hitler worshipping all girls school, but that is exactly where you should look in Matthew Killeen’s Orphan Monster Spy. Killeen delivers a tense, frightening young adult novel steeped in a terrible chapter of world history. Orphan Monster Spy opens

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BOOK REVIEW: Tuesdays Are Just As Bad by Cethan Leahy

Short Review Tuesdays Are Just As Bad is a fascinating book, from the vibrant eye catching cover through to the very last page, the book sucks you in and doesn’t let go. It’s a young adult book that explores and enables its readers to feel that they are not alone, that depression is not the

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