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Confit by Thomas Benfield

Onto the dense undergrowth of stunted hay stalks and wide leafed grasses, a pheasant I shot shouldered its graceless fall.  I remember we, that bird and I, were in a clearing on a hill. The surrounding woods had long since turned their colors and shook off their dead growths. The sky was clear. The air

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GUEST POST: Write What You Know by David H. Reiss

Once upon a time–when dinosaurs roamed the earth and I was still in high school–I had a wonderful English teacher who treated his students as peers and insisted that we all call him by his first name; his enthusiasm for literature and drama was outright contagious. He convinced me to read outside my preferred genres

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Shallow Creek: The Shortlist

We are pleased to announce the short list for the SHALLOW CREEK Short Story competition Arguments were plentiful…much beer was consumed. In the end, the STORGY crew spent hours debating the merits, technical prowess, originality and creativity of each story and were finally able to agree on the short list for the Shallow Creek competition.

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