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The Training Centre (Normandy, April 1945) Eleanor has found a needle and thread: she can sew my shoulder patches on now. We walk down to the crumbling concrete bench that runs along the esplanade, and look at the waves. I give her my khaki jacket and the two little pieces of cloth, and watch as

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BOOK REVIEW: The Road to Grantchester by James Runcie

This is written prior to Sidney being a priest and a detective in the well-known TV Series. He is a young man off to war and the horror, trials and traumas that comes with such a burden. During this time Sidney and a group of other young men are sent to find some engineers, who

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TV REVIEW: Watership Down (2018) Review

It’s easy to be scathing about the recent BBC adaptation of Watership Down. All the criticisms are valid particularly regarding the animation; the rabbits are almost indistinguishable and look more like hares than rabbits. There are peculiar diversions from the novel – I was particularly aghast at a bizarre pink crystal-worship-chanting scene. There are several

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