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The One That Got Away by Various

I hope you’re ready for this long-ass review, I touch on every story (all thirty) within this wonderful horror anthology, enjoy! Heavy Metal Coffin by Amira Krista Calvo – a deeply moving story of a pregnant woman and her desire to protect her child against all odds. It centres around a cursed guitar and has

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Little Paranoias by Sonora Taylor

Little Paranoias is a short story collection form horror author Sonora Taylor, a collection that is gripping, original and bang on the money for those that prefer the dark slice of horror. What I loved about the collection is that it is a mixture of short stories and flash fiction and this device that is

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Dear Laura by Gemma Amor

Dear Laura is one of the finest novella’s that I have read, the stylistic qualities on show are sublime, the prose is taut as if at any moment it’ll snap and whip the reader – maiming them at any given moment. The uniqueness of the story is another masterstroke with Amor dropping us right into

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