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Table Manners by Susmita Bhattacharya

Table Manners is an insatiably wrought collection of unflinching short stories from a writer who is telling the world how it is, and is unapologetic in her approach. It’s fierce writing, whilst also being poignant, but the overall feeling that I get from Bhattacharya is that she is fearless in her writing, and this is

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Good Day? by Vesna Main

A piece of experimental fiction which thankfully doesn’t lose sight of itself, Good Day? is an accomplished novel that explores obsession, desire, and human interaction. Our nameless narrators, a female Writer and her opinionated reader husband, expose themselves and the cracks in their relationship while they analyse a work of fiction and lose themselves in

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VOX by Christina Dalcher

To truly capture the essence of this book, I am going to write a review of only 100 words: As relevant and terrifying as The Handmaid’s Tale, Vox is a dystopic nightmare brought to startling reality. With a focus on language and social interaction, Dalcher manages to perfectly convey a chilling atmosphere of fear, oppression, hatred and silence

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