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FICTION: Witchopper – Part IV – by Daniel Soule

6st June, 1989: Rob managed to get to sleep that first night after visiting the Witch’s Brew but not since. Sleep was only a memory now. They’d come home and Rob had run to the bathroom mortified at wetting himself. He ran passed his shocked mother, his dad on his heels, holding up a hand

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FICTION: Witchopper – Part II – by Daniel Soule

19th May, 1989: “This was a good move, wasn’t it?” Jane Peters, had her head to one side drying her blonde hair on a white cotton towel, standing in the doorway of their en suite. The kimono style satin-polyester dressing gown, with electric neon patterning draped around her, had been a present from Richard. High

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FICTION: Witchopper – Part I – by Daniel Soule

  Prologue: “School children from the Nottinghamshire town of Southwell are wont to sing the following song in accompaniment to a popular playground game of eponymous nomenclature: Witchopper. If you see the Witchopper Then you’ll come a cropper Never mind how hard you try If you look in her cold black eyes When it’s time

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