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INTERVIEW: Patrick deWitt

What was your first experience / engagement with literature? I guess I was around twelve years old. I grew up in the home of a reader, my father was a big fan of novels in particular. I asked him what was so interesting about this format and he began loaning me books. These books were

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FILM ESSAY: Hold The Darkness

Darkness at the Edge of Town Jeremy Saulnier’s latest film, Hold the Dark is his most overt Western so far. His previous films, the murky revenge Blue Ruin, and punks vs Nazis masterpiece Green Room have flirted with the genre before, taking inspiration from the westerns of the 70’s (Green Room’s origins can be traced

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BOOK REVIEW: Vermilion by Molly Tanzer

If you find yourself in late 1800’s San Francisco with a ghost in your house you might be tempted to call an exorcist, or a ghost hunter, but you’d be wrong. What you need is a Psychopomp. A Psychopomp would calm the spirit down, open up a door to the afterlife, and convince the ghost

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