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BOOK REVIEW: The Old Man and the Sand Eel by Will Millard

I have no interest in fishing. If I’m perfectly honest, I consider anglers a little odd – the endless sitting and staring, it’s unsettling. You could see the appeal of fishing on a sunny day, but as an excuse to sit by a secluded river with a cool-box of beer. God forbid you should catch

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BOOK REVIEW: All The Good Things by Clare Fisher

‘All the Good Things’ is the debut novel from Clare Fisher and what a debut it is; from the opening paragraph to the closing sentence. ‘All the Good Things’ is reminiscent of a rollercoaster ride that I never wanted to end and observing the aftermath of a car crash that I couldn’t turn away from.

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BOOK REVIEW: Flesh and Bone and Water By Luiza Sauma

‘Flesh and Bone and Water’ is the debut novel from Brazilian born journalist and short story writer Luiza Sauma; who was later raised in London. One would be foolish not to notice the links between her own transition to the UK to that of her main character; which I feel helps get the passion and

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