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FICTION: The Fading Memories of a Frustajoker by Benjamin Mark

Sentience is as often as not a state of mind . . . a point of view . . . perhaps even a belief. Does a tree feel? Do flowers think? Do stones talk? Just because “they” tell us …does anyone truly know what is true? Is their truth the only truth? We were once

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FICTION: US by Benjamin Mark

7 weeks before his death. She looked at him. She looked so forlorn. He had started to leave. Don’t, she said. Don’t go. I have to, he said. A little more? Just a little more? Okay. He went back. I miss you, she said. Me too. Do you have to leave? I can stay a

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FICTION: Us by Andrew Lee-Hart

Death in the Castle There he was, just as I expected him to be, sat in the castle grounds reading The Times, a respectable looking man enjoying the last few moments of his respectable life. The people we kill are often esteemed and loved, with no tarnish to their name. But they have to die

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