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BOOK REVIEW: Politics of the Asylum by Adam Steiner

Hospitals are a narrative gold-mine. These are places where lives end and begin, love is declared and hearts are fixed and broken. They make for great metaphors, too – Lindsay Anderson’s ‘Britannia Hospital’ anatomised a whole surgeon’s gallery of English maladies through the lurching tones of comedy, satire and outright body horror. With the NHS

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BOOK REVIEW: Two Dogs At The One Dog Inn by David John Griffin

A short story collection can be like a good whiskey, it goes down easy, but once it hits your stomach there’s a burning that leaves a lasting impression. Two Dogs at One Dog Inn by David John Griffin, is like someone handing you 11 shots and one tumbler of whiskey. Some of the stories are

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BOOK REVIEW: The Giftmaker by Mark Mayes

In terms of adaptation, the fairy tale has a strong claim to champion, considering the sheer number of reinventions, modernisations and bastardisations of the original source material. Brothers Grimm, Andersen, Perrault, Shahrazad, Apollodorus – parents of so many grandchildren that they wouldn’t recognise half of them. In an arena of countless papier-mache reworkings, it is

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