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The Boy With The Keys By Harrison Kim

Ted held a key attached to a silvery label, it glinted in the sun. “Got it from a girl I travelled with,” he said. “She trusted me to keep it safe.” I looked at the label. “Is that a Vancouver address?” “You bet, man.” We met on the road, heading west at Sault Ste. Marie.

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BOOK REVIEW: Find Momo Across Europe by Andrew Knapp

This little book is perfect for sitting on a small coffee table. The photography is so beautiful you could just sit for an age flicking through the pages. Find Momo Across Europe is a lovely photographic journey across the Mediteranean, Europe and Britain. If anyone has visited any of these places you will recognise them

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NON-FICTION: Plunder by Catherine Johnson 

The night before I left for Southeast Asia, my friend Annie commented that this trip would be a life-changing experience. At the time, I almost didn’t believe her. Sure, I thought it would be an adventure, but in the most naïve sense. I was excited to explore a foreign country and meet the challenge of

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