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One Night at Saint Peregrine’s By V.J. Hamilton

Dwight hovered in front of the vending machine. Oversalted chips, over-sugared candy bars, or the caloric emptiness of gum. Why did the hospital offer such faux nutritional alternatives; wasn’t that a conflict of interest? When he was a kid, vending machines meant something exotic or exciting. The rare trips to Father’s workplace had always involved

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The Disposable Years By Leslie McIntyre

Nicholas is already crying by the time I reach the cafeteria. No histrionics today, no wailing, no attention-seeking behavior; he’s just huddled by himself at the far end of an unoccupied table with his knees drawn up to his chest, tears dribbling out of his eyes and running down his cheeks, nose running a little,

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So the screener for ‘The Unseen,’ landed at my desk. It’s a tale about a family who lose their only child in a tragic accident and are plagued by the trauma and depression that would certainly accompany any such incident. The trauma is so severe that it starts causing temporary blindness for the mother Gemma

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