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What makes a good story? This is a question I’m often asked, my little lemon drizzles, and depending on who you ask, the results often oscillate from ‘the characters need to be empathetic to the reader,’ to ‘it needs a good plot.’ Other people will tell you that you need to ‘channel what you know’,

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Silverpine Forest – Shallow Creek

If you go down to the woods today, you’ll be in for a great surprise! STORGY welcomes you to Shallow Creek, where every alley leads to a dead end… Mallum Colt, owner and proprietor of ‘Colt’s Curiosity Corner,’ came into possession of a scratched, portable dictation machine. It was found on a tree-stump in the

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Shallow Creek Teaser

Welcome to Shallow Creek… You’ll never want to leave. We’re counting down the days until May 31st when we’ll be making a BIG announcement. So stay tuned…