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BEST BOOKS: Ross Jeffery’s Best Books Read in 2018

Our head of books has been rather busy this year and has had a remarkable turnover of reviews. Reading everything that has come his way, from the big publishers to many a independent press and so we feel he’s the guy to talk to you about his best books of 2018 – or the year

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FICTION: Strings by Tomas Marcantonio

Independence Day. Remembering the day we cut those strings that Japan held us up with. Nobody knew then that without strings we’d just be a rotting, lifeless doll. Woodworm destroying the whole thing from the inside. Self-destruction like nothing the world’s ever seen. So here it is: raise your glasses everyone, clink them together and

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FICTION: Earth Hour by Tomas Marcantonio

Earth Hour, they’re calling it. Pathetic. They think an hour without electricity will save them from global warming and their guilty consciences. Wrong again. The nightly hour of darkness begins tonight, eleven sharp, and as usual I’ll be one step ahead of everyone else. I know exactly how it’s going to go down. The sheep

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