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Unthology 11 – Edited by Ashley Stokes & Tom Vowler

We are delighted to bring you the latest instalment from Unthank Books – Unthology 11. It is a sublime treat for all short story lovers, a collection which hits above its weight in every possible way. The Unthology idea is a fabulous one – with many new voices coming from within their pages, showcasing the

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BEST BOOKS: Rachael Smart’s Best Books Read in 2018

The following books piled up on my desk this year and bought me atomic moments of reading pleasure. Books that have thoroughly immersed me, so much so that sometimes life has gone off the grid. One collection saw me miss all my stops on the tram and then my final connection home.  Me and that

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BOOK REVIEW: Dazzling the Gods by Tom Vowler

Short story collections, are, when done right, a thing of beauty. A piece of fiction to behold, where you can end one moment on the uncanny, the rich and the dark, and the next moment on heartache and acute sensitivity. Each thrusting you into the relative unknown. That is the utter joy of short story

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