Tag: Time

The Engineer By Paul Gorman

The first they knew of their visitor was when Sofia saw him lope around the outside of the house as if stalking something. She darted from room to room, tracking his progress. She hissed to Stephen to get his attention and they watched the stranger – a dishevelled-looking man with hair in long, lank ringlets

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Ghost Apples By Catherine Wilkinson

‘Monty, climb down. This instant.’ The smooth blonde crown of his head visible through the dark spikes, Monty is halfway up the monkey puzzle tree that stands by the school pitch. From his look-out, he can see the mini red rugby shirts of his classmates, bulldozing about. ‘Sir, did you know that even a tap

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FICTION: Time by Mel Fawcett

It was when I awoke on the first morning of my retirement that I first noticed something strange: the numbers on my digital clock were moving unnaturally fast. Thinking the clock had developed a fault, I went downstairs and switched on the tv. That was when I began to be concerned, for everyone on the

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