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POETRY: The Bean Sidhe by Manny Blacksher

Manny Blacksher Manny Blacksher grew up in Alabama, but has lived for long periods in Montreal and Dublin, Ireland. Over sixty of his poems have appeared in publications that include Poetry Ireland Review, The Guardian’s Online Poetry Workshop, Measure, and The Maynard. His short story, ‘Des Cruditees’, was published in Blue Monday Review. STORGY Magazine

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POETRY: The Poltergeist by Manny Blacksher

We took almost a week to surmise it was martial drumming in tattoo twenty feet above their roof. We knew by month’s end other similarly apprised domestic incidents: wedding service smashed plate-by-plate, sheets ripped off beds at three am, keys whipped at heads, and faces pressed—mouths gaping, eyeless— against the window panes in empty rooms.

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