Tag: The Bill Hodges Trilogy

Dust & Time by Mitch Sebourn

I first discovered Mitch Sebourn during the Covid pandemic – and I have to say it’s one of the best things that has come out of all that crazy! With being stuck in the house and not a lot to do (when I wasn’t at work) I also decided to set up a YouTube channel

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If It Bleeds by Stephen King

Reading Stephen King for me is a type of therapy; one that is good for the soul and mind. When I get a new book from him it’s like sliding on a pair of comfy slippers, pouring myself a hot steaming cup of coffee and disappearing for a while into the world and characters he’s

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The Institute by Stephen King

Move over the Losers Club, there’s another club in town and boy do they pack a punch, they’re called the TK TP club and they come from The Institute. There is so much to discuss, so I’ve tried to keep this spoiler free…so enjoy! King is the master of horror, there’s no getting away from

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