You could say that this a story within a story within a story. I am a novice writer […]

Phoning in sick wasn’t hard to do when you were being a phony. Not that I would have […]

We lost the window in our room today. It wasn’t transparent, only translucent. Even so, the light it […]

You know how it goes. You meet a girl, she’s great, she’s the one for sure. After a […]

She will present me with a thin sheaf of paper after hinting at its existence for days. She […]

The Heights, a decayed pastel decorated modern lined apartment building belching ice cream vomit against the sun drenched […]

Louise the health visitor is coming today so I need to spruce myself up. She comes once a […]

I. The great martyrs of old tower over Pete, shimmering in the kaleidoscopic glow of stained glass. Resolutely, […]

Barry used the private moment to check his smile against his reflection: warm, genuine, kind-hearted – he was […]

The residents of Mrs Craddock’s seaside boarding house all agreed that the gentleman lately installed in room 13 […]