Danny follows me quietly along the corridor, half-amazed, saying nothing. I keep focussing on what we’re about to […]

What he doesn’t want is to get caught. Last Halloween he had almost been caught – that had […]

She stood staring across the car park. The thing was fifteen feet high and at least forty feet […]

When he first fucked her it hurt worse than when her mother had pushed her down the stairs […]

The snow has not yet dissipated. The grey drifting rain is rounding and smoothing the whiteness. Where there […]

He’d been erasing me from the moment he saw me. Not that I knew it yet. Naked, perched […]

I became a consumer in 1967. Like those women appearing with alarming frequency on the cover of the […]

Names His name was Horowitz. Romeo Juliet Horowitz. Cuz his parents, Moe and Trudy, he swore, were into […]

I need to relieve myself. Yet I cannot let myself go. Not yet. Let us not concern ourselves […]

In the morning I have to force my fists open. We all do. Overnight our hands coil into […]