Tipping Point by Elaine Dillon * A strand of hair stretches out across the tiles. A toe has […]

Scotty calls on my phone. The fact that it rings surprises me. I thought it had died yesterday. […]

Writer’s Block by PJ Stephenson * “What should I do to get noticed?” “That low-cut top you’re wearing’s […]

The Religion of Biscuits by Anna Tizard * They say that the first bite is when you know. […]

I know you hate it that I disappear, Kayla. Understand, please, how difficult your head-fuck of a situation […]

Shining by Eric Machan Howd * The man who creeps behind my tongue is an angry man; he […]

Christmas Eve. Mum curled tight and tiny in her hospital bed, like she’d already passed into the rictus […]

MILBURN’S LAST CLASS by John Bowie * Ms Milburn’s classes left me disheartened, humiliated and without words…spoken anyway. […]

KIRIANNA by Veronica Bright * ‘It’s worrying. Kirianna is a problem we don’t need.’ The headteacher gazes out […]

His Art by Edward Field * He turned. He turned around. He turned around again. He turned around […]