In our bedroom, darkness welcomed silence. I would stare out of the window into the neighborhood lights emanated […]

It’s an ambient scene, this world, so at ease. Giving up space to be here. Playing dead in […]

Come on, you know it’s true. There’s no doubting it. I am the one – the coolest kid […]

It came from the South, that first breeze. Monte Verlassen slung his line once more into Lake Huron, […]

After a morning spent calling piñata companies, and having her custom refused by every one, Rosalind was resigned […]

The horses died first, then the donkey. Well technically, the neighbors died first, followed by their dog. Then […]

Kids screaming, laughing, pushing and grabbing, balls flying, ropes swinging, teachers shouting for order, a blur of bright […]

“I’ll start,” I say. I unfold the slip of paper and read the words aloud: One is not […]

I got a warm bed in back of my pickup truck where I sleep with all the fleas […]

Sentience is as often as not a state of mind . . . a point of view . […]