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BEST BOOKS: Ross Jeffery’s Best Books Read in 2018

Our head of books has been rather busy this year and has had a remarkable turnover of reviews. Reading everything that has come his way, from the big publishers to many a independent press and so we feel he’s the guy to talk to you about his best books of 2018 – or the year

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BOOK REVIEW: Three Sisters of Stone by Stephanie Hutton

The novella-in-flash is a difficult genre to master, with the double pressure of telling a convincing story whilst achieving an individual flash fiction story for each chapter. With every word counted and counting, it doesn’t leave much room for hesitation or rambling and one can’t afford the luxury of a couple of weaker chapters as

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FICTION: Instructions for the Use of Sulphuric Acid for Aesthetic Purposes by Stephanie Hutton

Suitable for the following: You have one of those faces – not pale enough to be china-doll memorable, but not dark enough to cause clicking tongues in your unwelcoming town. Your features are placed just where they should be, like a child’s drawing of a face. Your hair offers nothing more than a frame around

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