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When Darth Vader Was My Boyfriend by Kathryn Kulpa

When Darth Vader was my boyfriend I let a lot of things slide, but I knew we were broken up for good when I texted him that I couldn’t meet him at the show that night because my father was in the hospital. ☹, Darth Vader texted back. Later he posted concert pictures. I saw

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Rakuten TV – April Listings

Rakuten TV starts springtime with the best new cinema releases destined to delight the whole family. New titles will be available in 4K HDR quality for Smart TVs – presenting the latest films with a genuine cinematic experience for all film lovers at home. The latest blockbusters from the cinema straight to your living room in 4K HDR

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On paper, theoretically, I should despise Star Wars, as its very existence is built not out of a desire for artistic expression or fantastic storytelling, but rather as a glorified toy commercial, masquerading as art, designed entirely around merchandising and marketing, and A New Hope – alongside Spielberg’s Jaws – can actually be credited as

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