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A Face to Put on Top of Your Face by by Steve Gergley

When you were twelve you made a new face to put on top of your face. As far as you could tell there was nothing wrong with your face—it looked completely normal, just like everyone else’s—but for some reason, nearly every time other people looked at you, they got angry. This had been happening for

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BOOK REVIEW: Ironopolis by Glen James Brown

I’m not too sure what I expected with Ironopolis…but it wasn’t this, no preamble just straight in to the heart and message of this wonderful offering from Glen James Brown and Parthian Books. It is not a book I would naturally be drawn to reading…but drawn I was, like a wasp to a jam sandwich!

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BOOK REVIEW: Social Creature by Tara Isabella Burton

From the outside all may appear dazzling, golden, dripping in sequins and sprinkled with glitter, but look inside and there is darkness, murkiness and depravity. Take hold of Social Creature and turn its pages and you may find yourself twisting and contorting out of shape as this tale pulls you through its competing visions: it

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