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The Story of the Son Must Be The Story of the Father By Simon Lowe

Despite having not seen him in two years, Adam knows his father’s hair and beard will have recently been dyed white, and he will appear professorial wearing wire framed glasses and a sleeveless woolen cardigan. You see, Michael Douglas has re-entered the Marvel Universe in Ant Man and the Wasp, as Hank Pym, and Adam’s

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FICTION: Cynthia, where are you? by Simon Lowe

It’s an ambient scene, this world, so at ease. Giving up space to be here. Playing dead in the parks, on beaches, pointing at dots in the sky, a dallying sun. Goodness, look at us lolloping for a change! Paused in manic time, re-tuning ourselves for the day. But not so Jenny and Terry. Whilst

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