I looked it up once in the dictionary — earthquake (noun): a sudden release of energy. We had […]

  1. We both tread along the periphery of circles. Maybe we thought if we walked long enough, […]

The Institute is prestigious and stretches skywards accordingly, white walls and grey slate against pebbles and shorn grass, […]

Art Blakey: Music washes away the dust of everyday life. Watery blood probes the collar of Jenny’s t-shirt […]

We are pleased to announce the short list for the SHALLOW CREEK Short Story competition Arguments were plentiful…much […]

Composing himself at the stairhead before descent, he groaned as he thought about it, exhaling audibly. The he […]

“Six-six-six – Heritage Close. This is the place.” The post-war bungalow was guarded by an overgrown caragana hedge […]

“You’re up on points. Don’t be a dumbass.” Big Bill’s leathery hand slapped his son Billy upside the […]

As a little girl I used to ride a marigold school bus with plastic seats that were dappled […]

You’re sitting on a grown-up chair in a small room, arms folded defiantly on the table in front […]