Tag: Short Story Flash

Day 12: Click clack twitch by Judy Darley

On the 12th Day of Christmas Judy Darley gave to me… I watched her emerge through the gleaming glass doors and hurry through snow to the bus stop. With a flick of my ear, the electronic sign glitched, showing false news of buses running late. She pursed her lips, and settled on the tilted plastic

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Day 11: Firework by María Mercedes Romero Day

On the 11th Day of Christmas María Mercedes Romero Day gave to me… Christmas was scorching hot in this corner of the world. The only white was the shimmer of the water as they lazily floated around the swimming pool, looking up at the cloudless sky. The kids only crawled out of the cool embrace

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Day 9: How far to fall at the Freshers Christmas Ball by Lucy Goldring

On the 9th Day of Christmas Lucy Goldring gave to me… On balance, it’s better that he didn’t notice me. Invisibility might just be my new superpower. Being in here – bass a distant drub-drub-drub, fellow ‘freshers’ a drone of bullshit – offers vodka-clear perspective. I will ignore the rat poison pellets squealing annihilation (too

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