Tag: short horror fiction

Lost Voices by Various

Lost Voices was a real treasure to discover and read. Every story that I read just made me a prisoner and I knew I was suffering from Stockholm Syndrome as I never wanted to leave its pages. From the front-page cover to the last page of this book, I felt at home. The  cover image

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Things We Say In The Dark by Kirsty Logan

Kirsty Logan has, with Things We Say In The Dark astutely given a voice to the fears, anxieties and troublesome ideas that we so often utter in the silence of the darkness, what we scream into the void when we believe no one is watching or listening (many of these stories focusing on women and their fears).

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Richard Thomas – Storyville Studio

Q – Storyville Studio has officially launched. Congratulations! So, you’ve been editing and offering writing classes for a long time, and have edited some outstanding authors. What differentiates Storyville from the work you’ve done previously? RT – Thanks for having me! You guys are doing great work. Well, I wanted to have a dedicated place

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