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BOOK REVIEW: Jutland by Lucie McKnight Hardy

There is a time in your life when you are in exactly the right place, at exactly the right time, reading a story you were supposed to be reading. Jutland by Lucie McKnight Hardy was simply that story, at that time, in that place. The stars seemed to have aligned and well, the power of

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BOOK REVIEW: Cosmopolitan by Akhil Sharma

Akhil Sharma’s ‘Cosmopolitan’ is a story of overlaps, or perhaps, multitudes. Part of the Faber Stories series – celebrating 90 years of their publishing – ‘Cosmopolitan’ is a piece that speaks to numerous intertwined narratives. As the synopsis will tell us, ‘Gopal Maurya’s wife has left him, preferring to seek enlightenment in an ashram in

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