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‘Knock, knock, let the devil in’ yells Eminem over the ending credits of this bizarre mess of a motion picture, by which point, Mr.Mathers, I already had: The devil, of course, being Sony Pictures, and letting them in referring to giving them more of my hard-earned wages to watch the latest train-wreck of an offering

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Summary : A series of disasters appears to be hitting the USA. A young man (Theo James) has to get all the way across America to save his pregnant fiancee (Kat Graham) with the help of her ex-militarily father (Forest Whitaker), who hates his guts. Netflix tries its hand at funding an end of the

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FILM REVIEW: Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

After a fourteen year hiatus following the mixed reception to Jurassic Park 3 – a period during which the tentatively titled Jurassic Park 4 underwent many re-writes and changes – the Jurassic Park franchise came roaring back from extinction with the commercial juggernaut that was 2015’s Jurassic World. While a flawed film with a poor

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