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A Problem with Sex By Sharif Gemie

‘I’m not going,’ said Mary. ‘But, mum—’ ‘It’s pointless—all these deadbeat men who lie about their ages and their jobs, their divorces and their marriages, who make jokes that aren’t funny…’ ‘Mum—’ ‘It’s not worth it.’ ‘Give him a chance.’ ‘No. Why should I?’ ‘It’s a twenty-minute drive to Kington. What else are you going

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Someone To Share My Nightmares by Sonora Taylor

Whether it is short fiction or longer works Sonora Taylor’s name is synonymous with nightmares and disturbing fiction. I’m a huge fan of Taylor’s work and when the opportunity arose to get an ARC of her latest collection ‘Someone to Share My Nightmares’ I enjoyed being able to peek behind the curtain, I stood there

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BOOK REVIEW: The Tryst by Monique Roffey

  It is a truth universally acknowledged that bad writing is at its worst when it encounters sex. So entertaining is it that sex can be written so badly, an award is handed out annually to honour the worst sex scenes. Sex, in writing, is perhaps best left in the empty spaces and insinuations, or,

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