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Daylight Savings Time, Part III By David Lohrey

P.K.’s assistant, the guy famous in the office for banging secretaries against the wall of the powder room in the office’s main corridor, a guy named Nate Binswanger, told me to get over it. What exactly “it” meant to him, I wouldn’t know, but it pertained to my sulky attitude, he said, following the death

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FILM ARTICLE: Stranger Things 2 and The Franchise Pit of Despair!

FADE IN: INT. CABIN – NIGHT A ramshackle lodge. We pan across the cluttered floor – empty containers of Eggo’s lay strewn amongst crude drawings of dark monsters. We slow down as we slide up to a bed. A WOMAN lies sleeping, her closed  eyelids fluttering in deep REM sleep. The cabin door opens violently.

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