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BOOK REVIEW: Business As Usual by Gaynor Jones

Gaynor Jones has been making waves in the flash fiction realm for a while now and is a remarkable talent in that field, she has been published in a whole host of fabulous magazines which specialise in the flash fiction genre and last year was also voted the Northern Writer of the Year. So when

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BOOK REVIEW: The Other Lives by Adrian J Walker

Adrian J Walker is back, following up on his wonderful dystopian novel THE LAST DOG ON EARTH with THE OTHER LIVES. This one is harder to place in a genre but no less entertaining and thought provoking. I’d summarise it as a metaphysical meditation on the current woes of British society wrapped up in a

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BOOK REVIEW: Playing with Dynamite A Memoir by Sharon Harrigan

What happens when your father dies: when you are 7years of age – how does this affect the rest of your life? Sharon’s memoir is about how she deals with death as an adult after a catastrophic event in her childhood. Her father dies in an apparent car accident after a collision with a deer;

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