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Best Collection of 2020 by Ross Jeffery

So the best single authored collection of 2020 goes to… Reviewed by Ross Jeffery Unlike many other Arts & Entertainment Magazines, STORGY is not Arts Council funded or subsidised by external grants or contributions. The content we provide takes a lot of time, money and hard work to produce, and relies on the talented authors we publish and the

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Hunger Pangs by Scott J. Moses

Hunger Pangs is the debut collection from Scott J. Moses, a new voice in horror for me but a collection that dredges the very depths of horror, you can tell from reading this varied collection that Moses is a person that has been moulded by horror his entire life. There are stories that are vampiric

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There’s No Going Back to Absit Gorge by Scott J Moses

Deputy Alan Eichmann watches Mills die on the hardwood floor behind the front desk. Dial-tone humming from the phone dangling above the young man’s body. The snub-nose .38 still warm in Alan’s hand. He lived and died at his post, such a good policeman, Alan thinks, turning his standard issue Model 27 on the two

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