Tag: Satirical

BOOK REVIEW: Shitstorm by Fernando Sdrigotti

Walter Turner – a dentist from Mississippi, has shot a lion. Not just any lion. He’s shot Cyril, a lion beloved by people such as Danny Gervais, Maria Farrow and Shane Osbourne [no points for guessing who they are in our supposed reality.] What follows is, predictably, a shitstorm. A shitstorm so big that Walter’s

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BOOK REVIEW: Adjustment Day by Chuck Palahniuk

If you thought Fight Club and Project Mayhem was messed up…you haven’t seen anything yet! Adjustment Day is Chuck Palahniuk’s first novel in four years; and boy have we missed him. An author who is continually reinventing himself, coming up time and again smelling of roses; the author of such acclaimed titles as Fight Club,

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