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FICTION: The Still Room by Sarah Strangeways

Mother used to tell me over and over and over again: ‘The wages of sin are death,’ she’d say. ‘What’s sin?’ I’d ask. ‘’Sin’s another word for Naughtiness. Remember what the wages of sin are.’ ‘What’s sin? What are wages?’ I’d say. But she didn’t answer. That’s why I never left home, you see, I

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FICTION: Smack (A tale of the ‘eighties’) by Sarah Strangeways

Jez and Bam and Phiz and Smack lived on the third floor of a medium-sized, sleazy semi in one of the less salubrious suburbs of Oxford. None of them had a job, though they each spent a small (very small) part of their time looking for something (rather half-heartedly) in the free newspapers that came

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