A piece of experimental fiction which thankfully doesn’t lose sight of itself, Good Day? is an accomplished novel […]

When you think of the high-level pitch of Trevor Mark Thomas’s The Bothy – having to seek refuge […]

‘I walked in on my first shift and was met by the manager, Hakan. He was a little […]

It was a last minute booking: Mr George Smithson. Reception claimed he had called on several occasions but […]

It is hard to say what makes a good short story collection, assessing the quality of one story […]

Round the back of the new-created Primark, suspended between concrete and sky by a scaffold-pole, between the Tarot […]

A woman living in a lifeless, depressing seaside town wakes one night to find a blank piece of […]

Sometimes the change in tone, in storyline, of a novel can be so unexpected, so jarring, that the […]

There’s a problem that faces authors trying to write characters with a mental illness. Being inside the head […]