Tag: Sacrifice

Frogs in a Pot By Meagan Lucas

“I need your eyes,” Ben said, scanning the road through the windshield. “You’re supposed to be the navigator and you’re not paying attention.” And then, under his breath, “like usual.” In fairness, she wasn’t. Amanda was watching a huge group of blackbirds alight from an electrical line, together, a living swirl of beaks and feathers,

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The Bell By Mark Martin

Everyone watched in joy and amazement as Tarra and Shirley intertwined trunks and made ‘purring’ noises at each other. Shirley very deliberately showed Tarra each injury she had sustained at the circus, and Tarra then gently moved her trunk over each injured part. Carol Buckley, cofounder of the Elephant Sanctuary, Tennessee *** My first date

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Folk horror’s modern roots, especially in cinema can be traced back to a handful of films, Blood on Satan’s Claw, Witchfinder General, and most famously, The Wicker Man. This triptych has had a huge amount of influence over filmmakers for generations, with their twisted echoes found in everything from New England folk-tale movie The VVitch,

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