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FICTION: Muse by S. D. Jones

Okay. Tell me about it. Start at the beginning. It started with Cat. With Catherine. But it’s more than just her. It’s about the music too. Though I know now that the two are so intertwined that there isn’t the one without the other; without Catherine there wouldn’t have been the music and without the

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FICTION: What Do You Want? by S. D. Jones

I saw him again in my dreams. He was closer this time, just back from the tree line, amongst the branches. The faded black coat which draped over his gaunt frame had folded into the darkness of the woods. Standing there, immobile, he looked like the scarecrow in the field down from our shack that

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FICTION: Up To You by S. D. Jones

They stood in the shade of a Morton Bay Fig. The blade-like roots of the tree swept around their feet, creating for a secluded space at the edge of the party. She was touching him, gently brushing her fingers along the sensitive skin on the underside of his forearm. She pulled her straight blonde hair

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