Articles for tag: "The Gift of Second: Healing from the Impact of Suicide, A Kids Book About Suicide, A Legacy of Madness: Recovering My Family from Generations of Mental Illness, All the Bright Places, Angela N. Frazier, Anna Karenina, Brandy Lidbeck, Civilianized: A Young Veteran's Memoir, Cody's Smile, Cynthia Hand, Denise Morales, Ellen Hopkins, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Gayle Forman, Girl Interrupted, Heather B. Armstrong, I Was Here, If I Wake, Impulse, It’s Kind of a Funny Story, Jasmine Warga, Jay Asher, Jeffrey Eugenides, Jennifer Niven, John Green, Julianna M. Atkins, Lies, Looking for Alaska, Matt Chandler, Michael Anthony, Michael Thomas Ford, Mommy's Sandcastle, My Heart and Other Black Holes, Ned Vizzini, Nikki Moyes, Paulo Coelho, Practical Blasphemy: The New Testament, Richard E. Nelson, Romeo and Juliet, Suicide Notes, Susanna Kaysen, Sylvia Plath, T.M. Logan, The Bell Jar, The Great Gatsby, The Last Time We Say Goodbye, The Power to Prevent Suicide, The Valedictorian of Being Dead: The True Story of Dying Ten Times to Live, The Virgin Suicides, Thirteen Reasons Why, Tolstoy, Tom Davis, Understanding Suicide, Veronica Thomas, Veronika Decides to Die, William Shakespeare



Books About Suicide: Informative Resources for Understanding and Prevention

The topic of suicide is undoubtedly a sensitive and complex issue that has affected countless lives throughout history. As society continues to evolve in its understanding and empathy towards such challenges, literature has played a significant role in facilitating dialogue and raising awareness. Books about suicide encompass a variety of themes including memoirs of survivors, ...