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HOPEFUL MONSTERS: Ebook available now!

HOPEFUL MONSTERS EBOOK AVAILABLE NOW! Paperback Release 30th August 2019 If you order your HOPEFUL MONSTERS Ebook direct from us, we’ll send you an ebook of EXIT EARTH for FREE!!! That’s right; a super STORGY BOGOF! More details below. “Roger McKnight is a very slick writer with an incredibly quirky sensibility. Miss him at your

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FICTION: ‘Iago’ by Roger McKnight

Nick Meier had just fenced some canned fruit at Jolly Jim’s for three teens of crack. That was enough to start a high with, so he revved his pickup and tooled out onto Lake Street. Off work tomorrow, he reminded himself, savoring how great it sounded. Still, he would’ve felt better if a couple things

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